180x500 Butt Welding Machine
180x500 Butt Welding Machine
General Property

 There are on/off buttons  coupled on the unit of machine . Trimmer, emergency stop buttons are assembled on the panel.

The system is controlled by buttons on the panel. Additional remote controller handle has a portable jack with its 5 meters cable and can be used in case of need. 
As there is a voltmeter on the panel , it has a quality to detect of alternating currents ( high or low energy) in electricity during usage of the machine
System control is executed by half automatic
Pressure regulation is executed by hydraulic system . 
Machine can be controlled by buttons with portable jack. 
Heater control is executed by digital.   Rapid  removable tablet type heater. Heater is disc type and special alloy.
There could be no connection  problem, because pipes are tightened with 4 heads.
Machine can be controlled by buttons with portable jack
180x500 Butt Welding Machine
Technical Property

 Ø 180 mm – ø 500 mm  HDPE/PP pipes (180-200-225-250-280-315-355-400-450-500 mm)  can be welded.

Maximum wall thickness is Pn32.
Heater : 380 V – 5500  W
Trimmer : 380 V – 1,5 kW
Hydraulic system engine: 380 V- 0,75 kW
Requested Power : 12  kW
System is working with 380 V ( trifaze )
Working Pressure : 130 Bar
Maximum Pressure : 250 Bar
180x500 Butt Welding Machine
180x500 Butt Welding Machine
Package Properties
180x500 Butt Welding Machine

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