Fks & Corrugated Pipe Welding Machine
Fks & Korige Pipe Welding Machine
General Property

 The machine works with 220 volt,  10 kw generator

After powering up the machine , absolutely do not touch to sockets
Before using the machine , wait 3-5 minutes while the machine is powered
Grind the area to be welded and clean with alcohol
Pay attention to welding time of resistance wires on the pipe that is to be welded. ( welding time will be determined as the pipe  producer informs.)
When welding , according to the thickness of the wire should be maintained ;
1-3 mm at 3rd level  46 volts : 20-25 minutes
2-4 mm at 5th level 50 volts : 25-35 minutes
As machine tests and proposed values are conducted in closed arae in factory , in open area these values will subject to change. User must be aware of it.
Power extension cord should not be longer than 10 mt
Welding values should be entered to the machine manually.
Fks & Korige Pipe Welding Machine
Technical Property

 Voltaj : 220 

Speed : 50
kw : 10
Pipe diameter : ø400 – ø1600 mm
Fks & Korige Pipe Welding Machine
Fks & Korige Pipe Welding Machine
Package Properties
Fks & Korige Pipe Welding Machine